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It’s not about me. Those are awesome words to personalize. So I have. My brain is bursting with ideas, some good, some really suck. And I’m done keeping them to myself. So these pages will be filled with ideas you can use or not use wherever you work, play, volunteer, or serve (that’s what Christians call volunteering).

I work at El Segundo Foursquare Church as a youth pastor. Been doing this gig 8 years. I also freelance as:  a video editor, technical director for satellite media tours,  and Apple tech guy. I have a beautiful family (see pic for proof).  I torture myself for fun as a triathlete. In the past 2 years I’ve completed a handful of races including a full ironman. I enjoy nothing more than bouncing ideas off people and seeing what comes from them! So, comment away people. Especially if you really, really hate an idea. Because if an idea can’t remain standing with holes in it, it shouldn’t be pursued!

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