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Ideas come and go. Good ideas don’t make it on their own. It takes a thorough process to see an idea come to fruition. Too many times a great idea gets lost in the chaos of other ideas or general busyness. That is why I keep an extensive catalog of ideas on the back burner. Every time I’m brainstorming (or in the shower, where most ideas hit me) I write down any and every idea that sounds good but isn’t applicable to the current situation. Scott Belsky (Making Ideas Happen) calls these little gems “backburners”.  Once a list is started, I revisit this list once a month to see if any ideas are relevant now. Any ideas that stay on this list more than a year get thrown out. This is my backburner ritual. More often than not every month an idea from the backburner list gets moved onto the production line! Don’t waste ideas! Create your own backburner list and ritualistically revisit it at least once a month!

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