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Vacation Bible School is rad. Every year we have hundreds of little kiddos who come, play, sing, and learn about Jesus. It’s our church’s biggest outreach of the year and we, like you, put a lot of time and effort into making VBS fun and memorable.  Here are all the admin forms and workflow we use. Start with the form tilted, “VBS Volunteer Meeting”. Every other form will make sense after reading it. Post your comments or thoughts on how you organize VBS.

(All forms are doc, pdf, and apple pages formats)

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No, I don’t get paid by anyone for anything I put on this blog. I do however USE all of them on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.

Smart Events, the name says it all. Online event registration, accept VISA payments and refund them (for cancellations), “assign” rooms, buses, and so forth based on friendships, the list goes on and on. Best of all, it’s very, very easy. The same company that made PlanningCenterOnline has started up this little web software. We are using it this summer for our camping program, I’ll update you along the way to let you know how it works.  I can tell you this already, I’ve been talking with one of the programmers, Scotty, and he’s implementing some of my ideas for functionality. That says a lot! They listen and respond to their customers!

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As a camp director of over 500 kids a camp, I understand you NEED good admin resources and forms. Here are all the forms I’ve developed over the years, from medical releases to staff job descriptions. Most forms were created in an apple program called “pages“. Below you will find a zip file with all .pdf files and another zip file with all the pages or word documents.

1) Zip File with all PDF forms
2) Zip File with all Pages and Word documents

Documents include:
1) Cover letter (explaining everything to camp leaders)
2) Cabin Leader Criteria
3) Financial worksheets
4) Camper & Leader Registration form & medical release
5) Letter to Parents
6) Policies & Procedures
7) Rules & Packing List
8) Gift Certificate for fundraising
9) Staff Job descriptions

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