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Relationships. It’s a topic every youth pastor has to do a series on at least once a year.  So the question arises, “How do I keep it fresh? (since we’re really saying the same thing every time). Here’s one way…ask.  A couple weeks ago I posted about Poll Everywhere, a text voting service that we use. Here is one way we are using it.

Next week I’m starting a relationship series and for the first 5 min. of the sermon will give an introduction on “relationships”. During this time, students will VOTE for which question about relationships they want to hear about (see pic, click to enlarge). The poll will animate in real-time and I will then proceed with the most popular answer. At the close of the talk, I will again open another poll for questions that they now have as a result of this sermon (see next pic). And, just like that, there is complete interaction between the “Pastor” and the “congregant”.  How many times have I sat and said, I want to hear more about THIS or THAT. Well, these students will now have that option! I’ll let you know how it goes! Or you can watch our LIVE broadcast on May 19th at 7pm. Click here for our LIVE BROADCAST link.

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This link will only last 1 week, but after that you can sign up for a weekly free download from http://www.footagefirm.com and you’ll get the same free content delivered every week. These backgrounds come in SD and HD and they’re not bad…for free! Let me know how you use them!

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As a video editor and all around picky person, it’s tough to find really GOOD media tailored for a Christian audience. Centerline New Media is top notch. From motion backgrounds to mini-movies, stop sifting through all the worthless junk on sites that start with “sermon” and go directly to the source. I know I sound like a salesman, but we’ve purchased dozens of videos from this company. And everything they produce is quality. At centerline, you get what you pay for and then some!

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Trust me, this is simple. And very, very effective. And very, very free.  First question to answer, why? Here are the top 5 reasons:
1) For perspective visitors who wouldn’t dare step into a church.
2) For congregants who are sick or injured.
3) For people who’ve moved (i.e. college students, etc).
4) For a free video recording of your services.
5) For those who don’t live close but want to see a baptism, special performance of their nephew, etc.

Here are the 3 simple steps:

1) Log on to Ustream.tv and create a free account.
2) Have a computer and a webcam or (video camera connected with a firewire cable) (point webcam at stage)
3) Link or embed your Ustream account to your website.

Optional: Download the free application, Ustream Producer and use that interface instead of the online one.

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